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2018 ASHRAE Winter Conference in Chicago

  Humidification: renewed interest! Refrigerants: feeling the “natural” pressure?   The ASHRAE Winter Conference was held on 20-24 January 2018, during some mild winter weather (incredibly for Chicago, just around freezing!). Like all ASHRAE Conferences, the event was attended by several thousand people, who asked questions, learned and profitably networked during the...
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From the Internet of Things to Intelligence of Things

The increasing tendency to have connected devices that provide remote access to installations through monitoring systems is paving the way for the systematic collection of vast amounts of data. In the HVAC/R sector in particular, unit variables, control and operating parameters, such as valve position, set point, compressor status, water/air temperatures and so on, if appropriately recorded...
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We will fog you!

You know that chill you feel on your face on a foggy day? Well, it’s caused by the heat released by your body to the small airborne droplets of moisture that touch your skin and evaporate. This is evaporative cooling. Evaporative cooling exploits the natural evaporation of water to provide cooling. Water naturally evaporates into vapour as long as the air it is in contact...
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First anniversary of CAREL’s blog!

One year of “sharing ideas” on HVAC/R! Today is a day to celebrate for CAREL’s blog! 50 posts have been published during this first year, with thousands of views and listing in the world  Top 5 RAC blogs . The topic “humidity and temperature control” has been the most blogged, with 18 posts. “Refrigerants” and “Regulations and standards” share second place, with 15 posts. The...
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Cooling forward: how HVAC will charge EV mobility

2020, Rome. A man arrives quietly at a “gas” station in his brand-new car. He jumps down from the car and lights a cigarette. He looks around, takes the charger and fills up the car. After 15 minutes, his car is fully recharged, and he heads off towards Milan without needing to stop on the 600 km trip. Yes, believe it or not, this is an electric vehicle (EV). Ok, the dates and numbers...
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Generation Z: vision and hopes (vs. the establishment’s)

Any parent knows that kids want to get what they wish for now, and in the form and shape they like, and without wasting energy and time to get it and enjoy it , and, and, … This is typical of youth, when parents begin to slowly ‘unleash’ their kids, and they feel that the much-awaited freedom of realising their dreams, or at least of trying to, is within arms’ reach, aiming to live...
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Italy and Argentina united for more sustainable commercial refrigeration

I knew that this business trip would be different from the others. Going more than 11,000 km away together with representatives of Italian refrigeration companies to explain what is currently happening in Europe definitively seemed promising. “We have 10 refrigeration experts who are like Messi at football”, was how Prof. Cavallini introduced us in Messi’s home capital city. This was very...
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Let’s talk about IoT: are all smart appliances really smart?

Smartphones, smart watches, smart bands, smart homes, smart grids, smart heat pumps: I’ve probably left a few out. Including, and I’ve never understood why, poor old tablets, notebooks, ultrabooks, and even the now-defunct netbooks, among the few devices that have rarely been lucky enough to be called smart .  Therefore, as the inconsistency of what we often read and see defined on...
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Heat pumps: what are the next key dates in the EU?

Keeping a comfortable temperature throughout the year has become a must. Not so long ago, people used to just have a stove to heat the house in winter, with temperature control based on their own perception and opening windows when feeling the temperature was too high. Moreover, heating and cooling have been traditionally considered as separate concepts, different fields of study… or even...
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Relative humidity and printability

The printing industry features a multitude of different technologies that can be used, from traditional printing (such as offset printing, rotogravure printing, screen printing, etc.) to digital printing (for example, inkjet or laser).  The processes underlying these technologies are quite different, but they all share one need: to control humidity in the processing and storage...
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